About us

At Benner Law Office, we strive to make sure that our client’s needs are met. In this ever changing political and economic climate, in Turkey and abroad, we are a pro-active and diligent team based on our core values of integrity, creativity, high-responsiveness and trust. Adapting our service to our client, our aim is to deliver a clear understanding of the benefits by planning an efficient strategy to meet their goals.

Since its inception, our legal experts at Bener Law Office have always served the best interests of their clients, working with multinationals as well as individuals. We focus on building meaningful and lasting relationships, even in the most challenging situations. We adapt to change, we embrace it, and we celebrate it for the benefit of our clients.

Founded in 2001, Bener Law Office has grown to become a strong asset in the Turkish market. Governed by a code of ethics, our aim is to maximize impact at a minimal cost providing an offering that satisfies our client’s needs.

Our work

70% of our clients are multinationals assisting them in their entry into the Turkish market, corporate retainer services through to exits, M&A, privatization projects and dispute resolution.

Our highly qualified and multilingual lawyers provide legal expertise through complex and cross-cultural environments in local and regional businesses and financial markets.

We deliver results based on clear communication and thorough understanding on all legal issues involved, however complex they are. Our innovative and pragmatic approach makes us a trustworthy and diligent leader in the eyes of our clients.


We are the the only leading Turkish law firm member of Ius Laboris, the largest global alliance of labour and employment law representing the best firms in each jurisdiction around the world.